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Finding the voice of a film, its tone, pace and path can be the hardest task a filmmaker undertakes.  Some painful choices have to be made in all its creative phases.

It is a known fact that medium length films - films with a 30 to 60 minutes duration -  usually struggle for visibility. They dont seem to fit the short film festival format nor the feature film valuable screening slots. For unconventional format films an unconventional minded festival.

Medium length cinema is a creative filmic space by its own right and one that we want to celebrate and explore. It's much more than a mere formal element. It can transcend a pre-built set of expectations about pace and structure and renew the spectators sense of excitement and discovery. 


As the health situation worsens in Lisbon we have decided to move our screening event from July to September 3rd 2021.
The event will happen at Grupo Sportivo Adicense in partnership with the well-established Cinalfama Film Festival. Our selected films will be eligible and competing in Cinalfama Film Festival in July 2022. 

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